Using Electric Trolling Motor for Fishing

The electric trolling motor is useful equipment for fishing. The primary purpose of this motor is to move the boat at a short distance to spot fishes. The electric trolling motor is now one of the most vital accessories for anglers. It is easy to install and use. With the latest GPS technology, you can automatically steer the course along the troll line and run silently. This type of motors is available in different shaft sizes. As such, it is perfect for both small and large boats.

Purpose of Using Electric Trolling Motor

  • The prime purpose is to move the boat
  • It comes with a backup motor, which helps if the gas motor fails
  • It is used for legalized trolling
  • You can move the boat a short distance virtually noiselessly
  •  Move slowly along the troll line
  •  Holds the position of the boat on top of a structure

Trolling Motor Power Source

Trolling motors come with 12-volt marine batteries for power click here to check detail about trolling power resources. The batteries are wired with a set of positive-negative wires. Wires are connected to the corresponding terminals on the marine battery. When connected, trolling motors get power from the batteries and run until the batteries are discharged. Note that trolling motors are much quieter than any other gas or fuel-burning motors. The total power of trolling motors is called thrust. Higher the thrust, faster it goes.

Using Trolling Motors for Fishing

Usually, trolling motors are mounted on the stern or bow of a boat of a different watercraft. It is either placed permanently or it may be mounted on brackets so that it can be taken on and off easily. Some motors come with handles, which users can manipulate with their hands and turn the motor in the right or left direction, or move back and forth. Other trolling motors come with special foot controls. While some devices are plugged into the motors, others may be wireless. Both varieties are useful for steering the motor using the feet. Apply pressure to the left of the foot control and make the trolling motor turn to the left, and vice versa

Using Troll Motor on Water

When trolling motor is under power, a typical prop located at the bottom of the motor starts spinning through the water. This is the mechanism trolling motors use proper boats and similar watercraft. Irrespective of the foot or handle control users decide how much power should be sent to the prop. The more the power, the faster spins the prop and the faster the boat moves. Some other factors influencing the speed of trolling motors include the number of blades, length of blades, weather conditions, water conditions etc.


Bow vs. Stern Mount – What to choose?

Bow mounts pull a boat through water and move faster. It uses lesser power than stern mounted motor pushing the hull. Bow mounts are remotely operated, which is an added advantage. On the downside, the initial outlay could be better.

On the other hand, stern mount electric trolling motors are used for very short distance. It is mounted on the transom of the boat and uses hand controls. It is relatively simpler and easier to use, just as the outboard motor.

Choose electric trolling motors as per your preference to enjoy hassle-free fishing.


Fisherman Joe Duffy : Tested Ways to Catch Trout

Trout is an incredible fish species that is well-known in every corner of the world as a big delicacy. This is true for well over more than two centuries now. As more and more people learn that trout is good for their health, more begin to eat it, but also get interested in how trout is caught. Because of this, trout specimens are fast becoming one of the most sought-after species. Thanks to this trend, you might be one of the fishermen who is becoming interested in how trout is caught. If that is the case, here is an overview of the essential details about trout fishing.

Fishing Lures or Live Bait?

To successfully approach the process of trout fishing, you first must discard some false facts. Over the centuries, many

cultures began fishing for trout, which are mainly found around the coasts of North America and its great lakes. While all of these were successful in their own right, the modern age provided a completely new approach to this process and it easily overcomes all of the traditional ones. In this regard, the main false fact that is often heard is that trout reacts better to live bait than artificial lures. Today, this opinion is simply not correct and anyone who fishes in this manner will only be less effective. It is true that trout can be caught using live bait, but this process is outperformed by lures in any circumstance. Make sure to read this guide for deeper understand on trout fishing https://bestbassfishinglures.net

Contemporary lures were created through an ideal blend of modern technology and a huge body of experience. This is why lures work so well not just for trout but also for any other fish the wrangler might decide to pursue.

Best Fishing Lures for Trout

Now, that we established that lures win over bait every time, you might wonder what types of lures work when fishing for trout. Essentially, there are two big categories when it comes to going after trout. The first groups are the plastic or silicone worms and other imitation of animals that trout might eat on their migratory swim. These are effective because they work around the trout’s need to stay fit for this journey – this is why they will rarely miss out on any prey they deem easy, like a worm. Today, the level of quality of any of these artificial lures is so high that animals rarely notice they are not the actual thing. 

The other group of lures is the spinnerbait ones. These operate by having a part of them spin as they move through the water. This spinning provides both light (as it reflects the ambient sources) and vibration, both of which are great for getting the attention of trout. As the fish notices the spinnerbait, they will move towards it and likely attack sooner or later. Thanks to this, a good rule of thumb you should follow would be to use both plastic work and spinnerbait when going trout fishing.

Using this knowledge and a bit of the right equipment, you will be able to not just has some success with fishing trout, but get a chance to catch some trophy-level fishes.

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